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Experts in General Surveillance:

Surveillance involves watching a person, place, or object to gather and document evidence regarding any contact, location, or activities involving the subject under investigation. The methods used in surveillance operations can vary, depending on what or who is being investigated and the specific information a client is hoping to retrieve.

Why Use Surveillance?

The reasons for conducting surveillance investigations in Tucson are as varied as the types of clients who utilize our service. Surveillance is not only used to solve a crime; it can also be used as a form of crime prevention. In some cases, individuals are aware that they are being watched, or that a certain location is under surveillance. In other cases, surveillance operations are covert, which means that the subject of the investigation is observed without the knowledge of anyone other than those people directly involved in the case. In this way, our clients are able to glean evidence for a number of different uses.

Do you want to obtain evidence relating to a crime, or to prove wrongdoing as part of a civil lawsuit? Surveillance will also come in handy when you want to uncover information for an interrogation, or for gathering intelligence to enable proactive decision-making as a way forward. Information obtained from surveillance makes for strong evidence in court, as we supply high-quality digital images as well as video and audio recordings that can easily substantiate a client’s claims.

Where Surveillance Comes in Handy

Our surveillance investigations in Tucson are an integral part of many investigations carried out on behalf of businesses and individuals. Some of the areas that benefit greatly from surveillance are:
• Investigations into infidelity
• Alimony investigations
• Elder abuse investigations
• Investigations into recurrent theft
• Cases of vandalism
• Missing-person investigations
• Worker-compensations claims

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Expert Advice on the Right Surveillance Techniques

The type of surveillance we conduct on behalf of our clients will differ according to the information we receive about the case in question. Our team of investigators is equipped with expert knowledge, which allows us to assess every case on an individual basis and advise you on the best form of action to reach a successful conclusion.

Do you require us to set up electronic surveillance to observe a specific place and surrounding area? Your investigations might require mobile surveillance conducted on the move by one of our agents. Our private investigators will decide on how to proceed, and keep you informed from the beginning. Their years of experience in the field mean they are able to blend into any surroundings if covert surveillance is required.

As part of our surveillance investigations in Tucson, we have also helped countless clients with overt surveillance operations. We are known for our ability to maintain high-security levels something which we earned our team the confidence of clients.

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