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Divorce or separation comes with many implications, but the most significant is alimony. This is something most people don’t think about when they part ways. Once the divorce is finalized, the affected spouse or partner wakes up to the reality that they are supposed to make alimony payments. Should you find yourself walking down this unfamiliar path, you should make an effort to enlist the services of an alimony investigator. Only a professional investigator can lift the burden of alimony by showing you deserve a reduction or termination.

When it comes to alimony investigations, private investigators can play a vital role in gathering evidence to support your claims. They can help you collect spousal support or apply for spousal support modification under Family Law Code 4323(a)1. Private investigators can also assist in conducting discreet and confidential spouse relationship facts to find proof that may be required in court. Hiring the best private investigator for an alimony investigation is crucial for your peace of mind and to ensure that justice is served.

In alimony investigations, proof of cohabitation can be a critical factor in determining whether an ex-spouse is entitled to continued financial support. Cohabitation refers to living with another person and presenting themselves as a couple. Private investigators can provide proof of cohabitation by documenting shared living expenses, joint purchases, or any lifestyle changes that suggest the sharing of a household. This information can help modify support payments and ensure that the financial needs of both parties are met.

Alimony investigations often involve conduct surveillance to gather evidence of a spouse’s financial status or conduct. Private investigators use various surveillance methods, including video surveillance, GPS tracking, and social media monitoring. By documenting a spouse’s actions in real-time, surveillance can provide valuable evidence for alimony modification cases. Alibi Investigations is a private investigation firm that specializes in conducting discreet and confidential surveillance to get to the bottom of your situation and present hard facts without prejudice so that you can make informed decisions.

Private investigators can play a crucial role in alimony investigations. They can gather critical information that can help tip the scales in favor of alimony modification. Private investigators are skilled at conducting surveillance and gathering evidence of a spouse’s financial situation, lifestyle, and behavior. They can also investigate whether the receiving party is cohabiting with someone or has obtained employment, which could impact their eligibility for alimony payments. The role of private investigators is vital in ensuring that the alimony payments are fair and justifiable.

Surveillance Investigations in Arkansas

Alimony investigations can play a crucial role in providing evidence that can affect the judge’s decision. If you suspect that your spouse is concealing important information, hiring an alimony investigator can help you prove it in court. Their expertise and experience can provide strong evidence to support your case and influence the judge’s decision. In some cases, private investigators may even be called upon to provide expert testimony in court, further highlighting the importance of their role in alimony cases.

A job loss can be a major event that affects one’s ability to pay alimony. In some cases, it may result in a reduction or a termination of the support payments. If the job loss is temporary, the payer may be able to request a modification of the alimony order. However, if the job loss is permanent, it may require an investigation into the financial circumstances of both parties. This investigation may involve reviewing bank statements, tax returns, and other financial records to determine whether a modification or termination of alimony is appropriate.

Asset searches are an important part of alimony investigations. These searches help to identify hidden assets that a spouse may not have reported during the divorce proceedings. Asset searches can be complex and time-consuming, requiring forensic accounting and international inquiries in some cases. The cost of asset searches can vary depending on the complexity of the investigation, with more straightforward searches costing around $500 to $4,000 and more complex searches costing significantly more. Alimony investigations also involve other techniques such as surveillance, witness statements, background investigations, and intelligence gathering.

Are Alimony Payments Being Misused?

Sometimes, spouses who are awarded alimony payments tend to misuse them. Such people will use alimony or support payments for purposes other than what was intended. If you suspect that your former spouse or partner is abusing alimony payment, you have the right to investigate and uncover the truth. Bond Investigations detectives can assist you with alimony investigations to show a “change of circumstances” which can make the court reconsider alimony. Armed with adequate proof, your attorney can appeal for a reduction or termination.

Need Alimony Reduced or Terminated?

Co-habitation is one of the major grounds for alimony reduction or termination. As the aggrieved spouse, you can petition the court to either reduce or terminate alimony once you show sufficient proof of a change of circumstances. This is where Bond Investigations steps in. Our alimony investigator can take up your case and do a thorough and conclusive investigation to have your alimony reduced or terminated. Through our investigations, we can assist you to obtain proof that will influence the court’s ruling in your favor. Some of the things that the court will be interested in finding out include: • Duration of the relationship • time spent by spouses/couples • whether or not they vacation/holiday together • nature of daily activities • the interrelation of personal affairs 

Why Hire a Professional Alimony Investigator


In most states, the court and law enforcement is not mandated to investigate whether a former spouse or partner is cohabiting with another person. The responsibility to investigate and obtain proof lies with the aggrieved spouse. Our alimony investigators can assist with investigations to prove you really deserve a reduction or termination. Whether you want to uncover the nature of the relationship or find out how alimony is being used, our alimony investigations will yield evidence that can withstand the scrutiny of any court. We will present all evidence and supporting documentation so that your attorney can build a strong case.

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