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25 Years Experience

Our long-standing experience working with private individuals and corporates puts us in a vantage position to solve your case quickly.


Locally owned and operated, we are a trusted resource for all you need to obtain evidence and truth on domestic or commercial matters.

Performance Based

Everything we do is motivated by the need to deliver results – answers, information, and evidence. We go beyond the call of duty to deliver.

About Bond Investigations Inc.

Bond Investigations is a premier private investigations and surveillance company that fights for individuals right to know the truth. Established in 2003 by Dorian Bond, the company has built an enviable reputation for conducting swift, discreet, and conclusive investigations. We have consistently served diverse clients ranging from insurers seeking info on claimants to concerned parents seeking child support payments to organizations seeking the best candidates for jobs. With extensive knowledge and firm grasp of private investigations, our agency detectives assure each client of objective and conclusive investigations on any case.

CEO & Founder of Bond Investigations Inc.

Dorian Bond, Founder of Bond Investigations Inc
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Investigating Services We Offer

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Private Investigations

Are you planning to hire a top private investigator in your state? Whether you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, or rogue employees are embezzling company funds, or a key witness is being elusive, you can count on Bond Investigations
Surveillance Investigations by Bond Investigations

Surveillance Investigations

Surveillance investigation plays an integral part in uncovering fraud, infidelity, and curbing both vandalism and theft. Bond Investigations has a long-standing tradition of undertaking covert surveillance operations. We carry out surveillance to gather admissible evidence
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Infidelity Investigations

If you strongly suspect that your spouse is cheating, the best thing to do is to get a detective to conduct infidelity investigation. Only a skilled and professional infidelity investigator can provide you with proof of the affair.
Professional Child Custody Investigation Services in the US

Child Custody Investigations

Is a deadbeat compromising your child’s welfare by avoiding children support? Our detective is your answer to locating a deadbeat and reminding them of their legal obligations. Our company private detectives can assist you to know the whereabouts of children
Criminal Defense Investigations in Alabama

Criminal Defense Investigations

If you’re arrested on suspicions of being a criminal offender, the right thing to do is to talk consult with a lawyer and seek the assistance of a private investigator. That’s the surest way of ensuring a fair trial and getting a favorable outcome.
Comprehensive Background Investigations by Expert Private Investigators in San Diego, CA

Background Investigations

Bond Investigations is a trusted resource on everything to do with a background investigation. For years, we have diligently served private individuals and businesses with unwavering commitment. Licensed and highly experienced in every facet of an investigation
Elder Abuse Investigations: The Fight Against Exploitation and Neglect

Elder Abuse Investigations

Elder abuse and resultant death are a grey area for many people. Elderly persons often suffer great harm because doctors and law enforcement are poorly-grounded or ill-informed on issues affecting elders. We help inn safeguarding the rights of senior citizens
Bond Investigations: Trustworthy Insurance Investigations in Indiana

Insurance Investigations

Insurance is one area that is fraught with many challenges. Fraud is certainly the biggest of them all. Without insurance investigations or due diligence, an insurer or business owner can lose money needlessly through questionable personal injury, and workplace claims.
Premier Business Investigation Services by Bond Investigations

Business Investigations

Modern businesses operate in a fast-paced environment that poses a myriad of challenges. While some businesses try to protect their assets and reputation, others struggle to stop fraud or embezzlement. Whatever the case, it’s really important to carry out an investigation
Alimony Investigations For Court

Alimony Investigations

Divorce or separation comes with many implications, but the most significant is alimony. Once the divorce is finalized, the affected spouse or partner wakes up to the reality that they need to make alimony payments. Bond Investigations can lift the burden of alimony
Find Missing Persons with the help of Skip Tracing Professionals

Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is an endeavor that requires tact and a sound search strategy. Our skip tracing investigators perform exhaustive and discreet investigations when uncovering the whereabouts of a missing person. All we need to know if the identity of your subject.
Reliable Locate Investigations in Wisconsin - Bond Investigations

Locate Investigations

Every locate investigation starts with a one-on-one consultation with the client to obtain any known information about the subject. Our investigators will listen carefully as clients share what they know about the subject. You can count on us to find the location of the subject

Words From Clients

  • I highly recommend Bond Investigations Inc. for any investigative need you have. They are very thorough and professional and get results quickly. Their investigators will work around the clock to investigate your case and they have the tools and resources to find what you are looking for. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed in their work.

    John Dowson
  • I had a delicate situation with my child a few years ago that needed investigation. I called around to several companies and got straightforward answers from Dorian Bond. I am so glad that I contacted him. He has a staff of full-time investigators with many years of experience. They handled my case with urgency and professionalism. Dorian and his staff are top-notch!

    Janete Jones

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Bond Investigations Inc. been operating, and what sets them apart in the field?

Established in 2003, Bond Investigations Inc. brings over 25 years of experience to private investigations. What makes them unique is their approach: a combination of extensive experience, a commitment to delivering results, and a discreet yet conclusive investigative process.

Is Bond Investigations licensed and locally operated, and what types of investigations do they specialize in?

Yes, Bond Investigations is a licensed agency, locally owned and operated, ensuring trusted services in your area. They specialize in a diverse array of investigations, including infidelity, background checks, child custody, criminal defense, elder abuse, skip tracing, and more.

How can a private investigator assist in adoption cases?

Private investigators specializing in adoption play a pivotal role in facilitating a safe and legal adoption process. Bond Investigations excel in locating biological parents, verifying information, and conducting thorough background checks. Our professionals work diligently to ensure transparency and safety in the adoption journey by uncovering crucial details about the birth parents, including their whereabouts, history, and any pertinent information that could impact the adoption process. Bond Investigations expertise contributes significantly to providing comprehensive and reliable information necessary for a successful adoption.

How do Bond Investigations' experts in social media and cyber investigation benefit clients?

Bond Investigations excels in both social media and cyber investigations. Our social media investigators adeptly gather crucial information, aiding legal cases and investigations. Simultaneously, our cyber investigators identify vulnerabilities, prevent cyber threats, and safeguard digital assets, offering invaluable security for individuals and businesses.

How do Bond Investigations' dating investigations safeguard individuals seeking relationships online?

Bond Investigations’ seasoned experts in dating investigations ensure a secure online dating experience. Our specialized services verify identities, guaranteeing authenticity, and uncover hidden information. With our thorough investigations, individuals gain confidence by making informed choices, enhancing safety and trust in their online relationships.

How do Bond Investigations' experts assist in tracing phone numbers and catfish investigations?

Bond Investigations’ specialists adeptly trace phone numbers, utilizing advanced techniques and databases to uncover caller details. Additionally, our catfish investigators excel in unveiling false identities and deceptive behavior in online relationships, safeguarding clients from scams and fraud.

How do Bond Investigations' experts assist in adoption cases?

Bond Investigations’ specialized adoption investigators play a pivotal role in ensuring a safe and legal adoption process. Proficient in locating biological parents, verifying information, and conducting thorough background checks, our experts guarantee transparency. They uncover vital details about birth parents, including their history and whereabouts, crucial in facilitating a smooth adoption journey.

How does Bond Investigations collaborate with legal experts and expand its coverage across key states in the USA?

Bond Investigations actively collaborates with legal professionals across renowned states like California, New York, Texas, and Florida. Continuously evaluating expansion opportunities, we aim to broaden our coverage statewide, ensuring comprehensive services and expert support for our clients’ cases in multiple jurisdictions.

How much does a private investigator cost, and what factors influence the pricing?

Private investigator costs vary based on factors like the complexity of the case, required resources, and the investigator’s expertise. Bond Investigations’ experts consider case specifics to provide tailored pricing, ensuring transparency and value for clients seeking investigative services.

How do you hire a private investigator, and what should one consider before hiring?

Hiring a private investigator involves researching reputable agencies or professionals, verifying licenses, evaluating experience, and discussing case specifics and costs upfront. Bond Investigations’ experts emphasize the importance of clear communication and a thorough understanding of the services offered before hiring an investigator.

How does one become a crime scene investigator, and what qualifications are necessary?

Becoming a crime scene investigator typically involves acquiring a degree in forensic science, criminal justice, or a related field. Bond Investigations’ experts recommend gaining hands-on experience, specialized training in evidence collection and analysis, and ensuring familiarity with forensic technology and protocols.

How do locate investigations benefit in finding missing individuals or debtors?

Bond Investigations leverages comprehensive strategies and extensive database resources in locate investigations to track down individuals. This expertise plays a critical role in reuniting families, supporting legal proceedings, or facilitating debt recovery. These methods offer invaluable support, providing closure and clarity in various personal and legal scenarios.

How do alimony investigations, conducted by Bond Investigations, impact divorce or separation cases and benefit both parties involved?

Alimony investigations by Bond Investigations serve to verify claims regarding income, cohabitation, or financial status, ensuring equitable and just alimony payments in divorce or separation cases. These investigations ensure transparency, mitigate financial discrepancies, and establish fair financial support based on substantiated evidence, benefiting all parties involved by providing accurate and factual evidence for fair alimony settlements.

How do business investigations by Bond safeguard companies, and which industries typically seek these services?

Bond’s business investigations unearth fraud, embezzlement, or misconduct, securing assets and reputation. Industries like finance, healthcare, and retail often seek these services for risk mitigation and compliance assurance.

What role do insurance investigations play in the industry, and how do they benefit insurers and claimants?

Insurance investigations verify claim legitimacy, detect fraud, and prevent false or exaggerated claims. Conducted by Bond Investigations, these efforts ensure fair payouts for genuine claims, reduce costs for insurers, and safeguard against fraudulent claims, benefiting both insurers and claimants alike.

How do criminal defense investigations help people in legal trouble, and what impact do they have on cases?

Bond Investigations conducts these investigations, gathering evidence and facts to support fair trials. Their work has proven innocence, shown new perspectives, and provided crucial evidence, changing case outcomes significantly.

How do elder abuse investigations ensure safety for vulnerable individuals?

Bond Investigations conducts thorough inquiries focusing on detecting elder abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation. By uncovering signs such as behavioral changes, unexplained injuries, financial irregularities, or social withdrawal, these investigations aim to safeguard vulnerable individuals, ensuring their well-being and protection from harm.

How does Bond Investigations maintain expertise regarding laws across different states?

Our team remains well-informed by consistently updating knowledge on state-specific legislative changes and legal nuances. This continuous education enables us to adapt investigative approaches to comply with varied state regulations, ensuring accuracy and legality in our services.

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Thank u a lot for this company which is very professional nd easy to work. Their service is very stress-free to get ur job done.
I highly recommend this company to all without any hesitation.
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Remember when mom made everything better with just a hug? This Mother’s Day, let’s wrap her in the warmth she’s given us. Cheers to our everyday heroes. 

#CheersToMom #Motherhood #Love #Family #MomHero

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