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Welcome to Bond Investigations. Locally owned and operated, we are a trusted resource for all you need to obtain evidence and truth on domestic or commercial matters. For more than two decades, our private investigators have diligently undertaken various kinds of investigations, surveillance operations, and background checks for our clients.Whether you want to catch an unfaithful spouse, fraudulent employees, or obtain evidence in for criminal defense, rest assured we can provide you with the information and evidence that you desperately seek

Premier Investigations Agency

Bond Investigations has built a solid reputation as a premier investigations agency. We are known for the quality of our services and thoroughness of our investigations. When you hire our investigator, you’re not just enlisting the assistance any private detective in town, but trustworthy, licensed, and dedicated team. Our detectives combine state-of-the-art surveillance equipment and proven investigative techniques to gather crucial information and evidence.

25 Years Combined Experience

As a premier investigations agency, we have a longstanding tradition of conducting swift, exhaustive, and satisfactory investigations. Our long standing experience working with private individuals and corporates puts us a vantage position to solve your case quickly. From pursuing deadbeats to tracking down key witnesses, we have consistently positive results for our clients in a timely and professional manner.

Why Hire Bond Investigations

Bond Investigations values each client who calls or walks through its doors. Old or new, each clients enjoys tangible benefits and value that smaller or inexperienced agencies don’t offer. When you hire us for private investigations or surveillance, you’re assured of the following:

✔ Skilled and licensed private investigators
✔  Swift and conclusive investigations
✔  Ethical and legal surveillance
✔  Comprehensive and well-written reports
✔  Hard evidence (video/audio/photos)
✔  Free Initial consultation

Whether you’re facing prosecution for alleged wrong-doing or seeking truth on suspected marital infidelity or looking for a missing person, rest assured Bond Investigations private detectives in will provide you with the truth or answers that you seek.

Take Advantage of Free First Consultation

Call (844)-266-3468 to talk to schedule a free one-on-one consultation  with a friendly private investigator. We can help you find the answers and evidence you seek.

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Success Stories

George’s Story

George had been a union welder all of his life, at 59 years of age he was looking forward to the day he could retire. George recently moved to Phoenix Arizona from Baltimore for another well paying welding job. Read more..

Dr. Steven’s Story

Recently, Bond Investigations was engaged by a family to investigate a sexual assault that they believed was a case of wrongful imprisonment. Read more..

Veronica’s Story

A concerned wife solicited the services of the trained professionals at Bond Investigations. She told us that she was beginning to suspect her husband was cheating on her.Read more..

Television Media

Dorian Bond on Nancy Grace 10-21-2014

Dorian Bond has investigated many high profile cases in his career. One of the most notable case was as Jodi Arias’s privately retained investigator. This was his appearance on Headline New’s Nancy Grace show. Click the “Show All” button below to see more television news shows that Mr. Bond has appeared on.