Success Story

Veronica’s Story

Veronica was married, and she had three children. Her husband traveled for work, and that had never been an issue. However, he began to act strangely. Things were not the same at home. Veronica was afraid that he was falling in love with someone else. When she asked if he was having an affair, he […]

Marcus’ Story

  My lawyer is pretty good at what he does, but when it came to my defense for the criminal charges I was facing, my ex-partner was really important. When he decided to skip town – and the state – instead of sticking around to defend me, I knew things didn’t look good. My lawyer […]

Sabrina’s Story

My husband and I both had 9 to 5 jobs, and we enjoyed coming home and cooking dinner together, then working out and watching a television show before bed. On the weekends, we went out with other couples and enjoyed life. Gradually though, I began to wonder if something was going on. He spent more […]

Tyler’s Story

My sister, Beth, was taking care of our elderly mother. I thought things were going great, but then my mom started calling me and telling me these awful stories. Beth said that Mom was suffering from dementia, but then I was not allowed to see Mom. We live in the same town, so I went […]

George’s Story

George’s life was pretty normal. At 59, he had worked a string of successful welding jobs, with his current employment located in California. On weekends, his girlfriend of 20 years flew in regularly from Boston, where he had lived previously. One weekend, she came to visit and look for work. To relax, the two went […]