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Professional Child Custody Investigation:

Life can be extremely difficult as a single parent, and even worse if your child’s other parent refuses to pay you child support despite earning an income of some kind. Our licensed private investigators can supply you with information about where your ex-partner is living and working, and whether they have any assets in their name that they are not declaring. If the government is unable to assist you with collecting the child maintenance you are due, a private investigation could make all the difference. The purpose of our child custody investigations in Tucson is to collect as much information as possible on your behalf so that you can present it to the court and get the legal system to take appropriate action.

How Can a Private Investigation Make a Difference?

Most states across the U.S. have a solid system in place to deal with child maintenance claims. However, legal institutions often lack the resources and manpower to carry out extensive investigations in the way a detective agency can. The courts do their best, but the system isn’t designed to investigate irresponsible parents, so their remit is limited—they just don’t have the time. We do, and we can help in the following ways:

•Find out where the parent currently lives
•Supply the name and address of his or her current workplace
•Uncover what assets they own (real estate, vehicles, etc.)
•Investigate any additional “under the table” income

A child custody investigation in Tucson can gather hard evidence for you to present to the court, which means they can go to work on your case immediately.

Reliable Information Helps Us Get Results

Some cases are quick to fix and can be resolved by simply supplying the name and address of the parent’s employer. Unfortunately, the other extreme can involve a lot of time and thorough investigation, such as when you need proof that an individual is purposefully trying to hide an income to avoid paying child maintenance. Our child custody investigations in Tucson can assist you in both cases. Our investigators will be able to offer advice on what needs to be done to reach the speediest possible solution.

I Need Help With Another Child Custody Matter

Not all child custody investigations in Tucson are related to unpaid maintenance. You may need help investigating a parent who you believe is unfit to look after your child. Perhaps his or her living conditions aren’t the right environment for raising a child, or maybe the child is left alone unattended for long periods of time. Whatever your concerns, we understand that the welfare of your child is of prime importance, and we’re here to help.

Take Control of Your Child Custody Case

Call (520)-428-7765 to schedule an appointment with one of our private investigators in Arizona. Our investigators can obtain information that will compel a deadbeat parent to provide all the support that your child needs.

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