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Professional Skip Tracing Investigation Services

Skip tracing is the process of locating an individual’s whereabouts. It is used for a variety of reasons. Perhaps someone has gone missing or is required to give testimony in a legal case, or has defaulted on a debt and wants to remain anonymous.

Don’t worry. Skip Tracing will help you find the missing person in Arizona and beyond. We specialize in conducting  skip-tracing investigations in Tucson. Our team of private investigators has successfully located witnesses from coast to coast. We have been involved in hundreds of skip tracing and witness location investigations for state and federal cases in the U.S.

How Do Skip Tracing Investigations in Tucson Work?

Skip tracing investigations in Tucson involve exhaustive searches over several investigative databases, as well as investigation of public records and research of information on Internet-based social networking sites. To find a missing person in Tucson requires lots of experience in similar cases, and an awareness of the tricks individuals commonly use in order to stay hidden. Our private detectives have over 20 years of combined experience in locating “difficult-to-find” witnesses. We verify that all the information collected in connection to an investigation is true and up to date, vigorously cross-checking any addresses and other contact details relating to a case.

Our Reputation for Successful Witness Location

We pride ourselves on the constant success we have maintained in locating witnesses for our clients. The firm’s owner, Dorian Bond, has given presentations on how to locate individuals who are adept at hiding their whereabouts, and all of our private detectives who undertake skip tracing investigations in Tucson regularly attend seminars on the latest techniques and resources for tracing missing persons.

Some other detective agencies come head to head with obstacles that can make finding an individual almost impossible. That doesn’t bother us. We have proved on countless occasions that our team of experts has the skills and experience to overcome the highest of hurdles during an investigation. Our access to criminal and investigative databases means we are able to conduct skip tracing investigations in a timely and efficient manner for our clients.

Investigations Without Borders

It is not uncommon for individuals who don’t want to be traced to use pseudonyms and create false identities for themselves. In this way, it is easier for the person to relocate, sometimes skipping state altogether. Our private investigations aren’t restricted by state lines. We follow witness trails wherever we need to in order to achieve a successful result for our clients, regardless of whether they are hiding in Arizona or residing in other parts of the U.S.

Find a Missing Person Quickly and Painlessly

Do you need assistance in tracking down a missing person? Call (520)-428-7765 to speak to one of our skip tracing investigators in Tucson. We can help you find the person you want within Arizona.

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