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Alimony is money payable to a spouse or former spouse on separation or divorce, or during the period of related legal actions. The amount of an alimony payment and its duration are agreed upon in a court of law and depend on the individual situations of those involved. Sometimes, alimony payments to a former spouse are indefinite. However, it is possible in some cases for alimony to be reduced, or even eliminated when there is a change in circumstances. Alimony investigations in Tucson supply you with crucial evidence to assist your appeal relating to changes in the alimony payments imposed on you by the court.

What Am I Paying Alimony For?

Alimony payments are designed to help with expenditures like rent, food, clothing, and other fundamental expenses. In cases where your ex now resides with a new partner, alimony payments that to go toward his or her living expenses are actually deemed illegal. Even if your ex and his or her partner have separate residences, the fact that they are cohabiting could substantially reduce what you are currently paying.

Statute ARS §25-319 oversees maintenance payments to spouses in the state of Arizona, but without solid evidence relating to your individual case, the court is unable to reduce or eliminate your alimony payments. A Tucson alimony investigator can help you build a solid case to present to the court, through surveillance and careful investigation of your ex-partner’s current status in areas such as work and habituation, which may affect your obligations concerning alimony payments.

What Factors Determine My Alimony Payments?

The court takes numerous factors into consideration when deciding on the amount and duration of individual spousal-maintenance payments. Factors to consider are:
• Duration of the relationship
• Time spent by the couple in each other’s company
• Nature of routine activities
• The interrelation of personal affairs
• Whether they vacation together
• Whether they spend public holidays together

Alimony in Tucson and other parts of the state isn’t restricted to divorced couples; it can also relate to those who are legally separated.

How an Alimony Investigation in Tucson Can Help You

The court is not obliged to investigate your ex-spouse or partner if you believe him or her to be cohabiting with someone else. Neither are the police responsible for following up on alimony-related claims. Hiring one of our private detectives to conduct an alimony investigation in Tucson is your best chance of supplying the court with concrete proof to back up your allegations. At Bond Investigations, we specialize in alimony investigations in Tucson and the surrounding areas. We can gather information on your behalf, which will add credibility to your case, and allow the court to take action with regard to any change of circumstances that may benefit you and the amount of alimony, if any, you are obliged to pay.

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