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Investigative Services for Private Individuals

It’s not only businesses that require private investigations, although our satisfied client list does include a wide range of small and medium-sized companies that have achieved favorable results by utilizing the skills of our dedicated team of Tucson private detectives. However, at Bond Investigations, we are aware of those times when individuals also require the truth about situations and don’t have the resources available to them to resolve a problem. That’s where our private investigators in Tucson can make a difference.

Specialized Services for Individuals

At Bond Investigations, we are determined to help you find the truth, whether it concerns discovering the whereabouts of a missing child or a dishonest partner who owes you money, investigating the activities of an unfaithful spouse, or any other number of situations that can add unwanted pressure to your daily life.
Our private investigations team in Tucson has years of experience in conducting surveillance across the state of Arizona. We provide our clients with high-quality photos, clear audio recordings, and video footage as part of our surveillance investigations. If you’re looking for solid proof to back up your suspicions about an unfaithful spouse, or simply need confirmation of a situation to allay your fears or resolve a personal dilemma, our private investigations in Tucson will come through for you.

Providing Concrete Evidence to Clients

Our private investigations in Tucson provide you with everything you need in a clear and understandable manner. We provide:

• Concise reports on all investigations
• High-quality photographic images
• Clear audio and video footage
• Strong evidence that can be used in court
• Expert presentations for trials if needed
• Sound advice based on years of experience
• Professional investigators with access to important databases

Information relating to your case is normally delivered to you by email. We can, however, tailor things to whatever suits you best. One thing you are guaranteed is that our private investigators are there to help you with anything you don’t understand. They will keep you updated on anything you need to know throughout the investigation and will present you with all the information honestly and openly.

Private Investigations for Companies in Tucson, Arizona

At Bond Investigations, we have carried out private investigations on behalf of many businesses, both large and small. You may require thorough background checks to determine the worth or honesty of a prospective employee or an in-depth investigation into a company you are looking to team up with. We have access to national databases that can help us confirm identities, and claims over educational and professional qualifications. We can research an individual’s employment history, and provide important details about any pending legal situations or fraudulent activity that could affect the interests of your company.

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