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At Bond Investigations, we are dedicated to fighting for our client’s right to know the truth, and also to finding justice where it is due, whether that means providing evidence against an individual or fighting a client’s corner to clear their name. We have conducted criminal defense investigations in Tucson for a large number of individuals who have benefitted greatly from having our professional team at their side throughout their trials.

Protecting Your Rights

Facing criminal charges can be a very daunting experience, even for the most resolute among us. At Bond Investigations, we understand that, regardless of the circumstances that have led to your situation, you still have rights, which need to be upheld. Our team of private investigators has in-depth experience of defending clients on trial. We have an outstanding reputation for securing favorable outcomes in court, due to our expertise and thorough investigation processes.

Our investigators have worked alongside many attorneys who were previously federal prosecutors, including one who held the official post of United States Assistant Attorney. We have also worked with various criminal defense attorneys who aren’t so clued up on how to approach a case and follow through on important evidence. Our insight into the criminal justice system gives us more power to pursue your case in the correct manner and work with you to achieve a positive result.

How Can We Protect You?

We undertake criminal defense investigations in Tucson with complete dedication to ensure that nothing pertaining to your case is left to speculation. Our private investigators will gather concrete evidence that will stand up in court. We don’t believe in guesswork—all of the information we uncover will be substantial and obtained through completely legal and ethical means. We will review:

•Police reports
•Medical examinations
•Original complaints
•Accusatory evidence

Aside from thoroughly investigating the above-mentioned items, we will question viable witnesses and liaise with defense attorneys throughout your trial. If you have any queries about anything concerning your case, one of our investigators will be happy to advise you to the best of their abilities, based on the knowledge available to them at the time.

Recognized as Winners

We uphold a standard with our criminal defense investigations in Tucson that is recognized across the state. We have been honored with various commendations from both the U.S. Attorney General and the U.S. Secret Service. We have assisted state-wide law enforcement agencies and firms that have achieved national recognition and been awarded “Super Lawyer” status. Our investigators treat clients respectfully and without judgment. They make reliable witnesses in court, which is backed up by their successful records.
Give us a call on (520)-428-7765 and let us back your case. Also, feel free to visit our Tucson office and talk to one of our investigators face-to-face.

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