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One of our specialties at Bond Investigations is insurance investigations in Tucson. We have years of proven success in providing investigative services to insurance carriers and claim agencies.  Through diligent background investigations, activity checks, and surveillance operations, we have helped hundreds of clients with insurance claims. We have also provided integral information to defense attorneys and adjusters so that they can make objective, responsible claim decisions.

Our Casualty Surveillance Services

A major element in our insurance investigations in Tucson is surveillance related to casualties involved in claims. Remember that the word “casualties” isn’t limited to those who suffer physical injuries as a result of an accident. It can cover many aspects relating to an insurance-based investigation. An insurance fraud investigator at Bond Investigations will conduct checks and surveillance in the following areas:

•Medical insurance fraud
•Bodily injury claims
•Accidental injury claims
•Disability claims
•Public liability
•Commercial property fraud
•Mortgage fraud
•Senior settlement fraud
•Staged auto accidents

Making Promises We Can Keep

At Bond Investigations, we only take on assignments we are confident we can do well. In other words, we won’t make false promises to clients. Our team of private investigators has in-depth knowledge and 25 years of combined experience in carrying out complex investigations. We recognize the tricks that claimants try in order to fool the system. Through extensive background research into the minutest details pertaining to an insurance claim and reliable investigations into the individuals involved, we produce successfully. We deliver a high level of service to our clients—that means careful attention to each case and regular communication regarding anything you need to know about the investigation process.

Supplying Concrete Evidence

Evidence gathered from our insurance investigations in Tucson is presented to the client in an understandable fashion, with nothing left out. We document everything, including any photographic evidence or audio and video footage resulting from surveillance. Our private detectives have established professionals who have an in-depth knowledge of the law and plenty of experience assisting in trials alongside respectable lawyers. They are recognized throughout the state of Arizona for supplying strong evidence for the court, and for making credible witnesses on the stand. We have a team of professionals waiting to hear your case, who will provide expert advice on how to best set your investigation in motion.

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