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Locate a Missing Person, Friend, or a Key Witness Quickly

We offer different forms of locate investigations in Tucson. The first is basic locate investigations, which involves tracking down an individual’s current address and other contact information, such as phone number or email address. This kind of investigation is used when the person you are trying to locate isn’t actively attempting to remain undiscovered. You may be searching for a friend or relative who has moved away or is not easily traceable through public records.

The second type of investigation to locate a person in Tucson or even somebody who has relocated to another city or state is an open investigation. We charge on an hourly basis for this type of investigation. The reason is that it is an open investigation which is both time-consuming and arduous. We have to search for databases and trace the person to know their whereabouts. This type of investigation will come in handy when locating individuals who are running away from debt collectors or who are involved in criminal activity in some way.

Experienced Locate Investigators in Tucson

We locate investigations in Tucson that involve the use of the latest techniques and resources to search for difficult-to-find individuals. Our years of experience mean we are confident in our ability to track down the person we are looking for, even if the individual is doing his or her best to hide from the public eye. We have direct access to a wide range of search databases. Our investigative team is well-versed in the best techniques for searching for elusive individuals. That allows us to conduct investigations in a fast and efficient manner. The information you supply us at the beginning of a case can effectively reduce the time an investigation it takes to do an investigation. You can remain confident that our investigators will do everything in their power to get you a favorable outcome.

Employment Locate Services

If you are attempting to find details of an individual’s current employment situation, or need to provide details of a person’s place of work as part of a court case, there are a few different factors you might want to consider:

•Is the individual drawing a paycheck?
•Do they work for a company or have their own business?
•Do they work for a relative or a friend?
•Are their earnings legitimate, or obtained through illegal activities?

Choosing the Right Detective Agency

We understand that you will want to consider different options in order to make the right choice for finding a missing person. Therefore, we encourage you to research all options available to you. However, we recommend that you base your choice on more than price alone. You should carefully consider if the private investigator that would be in charge of your case has access to the right tools for the job. We can guarantee you a professional service, and our investigator will work out a budget for you based on the information you provide us at the start of your case.

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