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Professional Background Investigation:

Our background investigations in Tucson protect businesses and individuals against criminal activity, bogus lawsuits, and people using false identities. We have access to numerous criminal databases, and other powerful search tools, which means that, whether you’re looking for information on a prospective employee or considering a business partnership, you can feel confident about what you are taking on without risk to you, your business, or your client base.

Comprehensive Background Checks

Our Tucson background investigator can tailor background checks to suit your requirements. We have conducted diligent background investigations for hundreds of clients, including attorneys, corporations, small businesses, and private individuals. Our background investigations in Tucson include comprehensive checks in the following areas:
• Workplace background investigations
• Criminal records
• Personal references
• Litigation background references
• Education verification
• Employment references
• Driving Records (DMV)
• Identity verification
• Military records
• Financial background
• Professional license verification

Why Bother With a Background Check?

If you own a business or are responsible for recruiting new employees, you want to know you’re getting the right person for the job. Our investigators can verify that the information supplied by your applicant is true, through carefully constructed questions that reveal more than the usual list of friends and acquaintances that often appear on resumes. We can check for undisclosed gaps in employment history, and exaggerated claims of educational qualifications or professional experience.

Through access to criminal databases, we can expose any criminal activity relating to an individual, including fraudulent business transactions that could cause loss of earnings for your organization, and damage your professional reputation. We also conduct Litigation background investigations, which allow us to uncover any pattern of bogus lawsuits that an individual has filed for their personal financial gain.

Tucson background investigations include many other bonuses for companies and individuals alike, such as diligent financial background checks, to ensure the person you are dealing with is solvent and has no record of bankruptcy against his or her name. We check credit scores, liens, judgments, equity to debt analyses, and civil lawsuit info, so you can see if your applicant has the capacity to fill a certain role.

Specialized Investigations for Any Job Role

Our Tucson background investigations can be tailored to search for information relevant to a specific occupation or professional role. We investigate DMV driving records, which is an essential check for any job roles that require driving or the operating of heavy machinery. Our investigations can highlight any incidents that may be detrimental to your company—avoiding accidents on the road or in the workplace is tantamount for any business organization.

We can also verify military records, and supply information on any discharge status that an applicant may not have shared with you. Our access to government databases means we can also verify professional licenses, and check identities so that you know you are engaging with an honest individual.

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