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 Professional Alimony Investigation

Alimony is a significant aspect that often goes overlooked during divorce or separation. Once the legal proceedings are finalized, individuals suddenly find themselves burdened with alimony payments. If you’re treading this unfamiliar path, it’s crucial to seek the assistance of a professional alimony investigator. Only an experienced investigator can alleviate the alimony burden by demonstrating that you deserve a reduction or termination.

Are Alimony Payments Being Misused?

In some cases, recipients of alimony payments misuse the funds for purposes other than their intended use. If you suspect your former spouse or partner of misusing alimony payments, you have the right to investigate and uncover the truth. Bond Investigations detectives support you in conducting alimony investigations, demonstrating a “change of circumstances” that may prompt the court to reconsider the agreement. Armed with substantial evidence, your attorney can pursue a reduction or termination.

Need Alimony Reduced or Terminated?

Co-habitation is a significant ground for seeking alimony reduction or termination. As the affected spouse, you can petition the court to reduce or terminate alimony by presenting compelling evidence of a change in circumstances. This is where Bond Investigations come into play. Our skilled alimony investigators will meticulously conduct a comprehensive investigation to assist you in securing a reduction or termination. Through our investigations, we can help you gather evidence that will sway the court’s ruling in your favour. The court will consider various factors, including:

  • Duration of the new relationship
  • Time spent together by the parties involved
  • Vacations or holidays taken together
  • Nature of daily activities
  • Interrelation of personal affairs

Why Hire a Professional Alimony Investigator

In most states, the court and law enforcement are not obligated to investigate whether a former spouse or partner is cohabiting with another person. The affected spouse is responsible for conducting the investigation and gathering evidence. Our alimony investigators can assist you in proving that you genuinely deserve a reduction or termination. Whether you aim to uncover the nature of a new relationship or expose the misuse of alimony, our investigations will yield evidence that can withstand court scrutiny. We will provide comprehensive documentation and evidence for your attorney to build a strong case.

Need Assistance with Alimony Investigation?

Contact us at (480) 539 0586 to request a FREE quote or speak with one of our accomplished alimony investigators. We are ready to undertake alimony investigations to help you secure a reduction or termination of alimony.

Surveillance Investigations: Gain valuable insights and evidence with our professional surveillance investigations. Our trained investigators conduct discreet and effective surveillance, utilizing advanced techniques to gather crucial information for your case.

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