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Investigative Services for Private Individuals

Whether you’re looking to get to the bottom of a suspicious situation or you need proof to bring to the court about a specific case, Bond Investigations offers you a trusted private investigator for all your needs. That little feeling in the back of your mind that something isn’t right doesn’t mean you’re crazy and it doesn’t mean you should just let it go. A private investigator provides the surveillance and evidence necessary to give you peace of mind on all fronts.

What Kinds Of Investigations?

You might be wondering if your case even warrants a private investigator at all and that’s a normal thing to wonder about. There are many kinds of private investigations in San Francisco that require extra help beyond what you can do yourself or even what a legal defense team can do for you. Bond Investigations handles the needs of individuals in all situations and our skills include but are not limited to:

  • Locating a missing person
  • Discovering and proving a cheating spouse
  • Divorce and custody issues
  • Theft and vandalism cases
  • Criminal defense investigations
  • Insurance investigations
  • Fraud cases
  • Finding and interrogating witnesses

If you don’t see your needs listed here, that doesn’t mean we’re not equipped to handle your case. Many private individuals at one time or another find themselves dealing with personal crises or suspicions that require extra help to get to the truth. Let our investigators provide this help so you can get to the bottom of things swiftly and with concrete evidence.

Services During An Investigation

When you think about the private investigation, what comes to mind? The services that our private investigators perform are always discreet and professional. Every investigation is different but we have the experience and equipment at Bond Investigations to undergo surveillance for a number of circumstances, including getting you photographic evidence and finding people or documents necessary to arguing a criminal case.

Communication and Case Inquiry

From the beginning to the end of your case, you’ll receive thorough reports about how your case is progressing. It’s always a good idea to communicate with your private investigator from the initial consultation and on through your case so that we have the necessary information to be as thorough as possible. Your case matters to us so don’t hesitate to call today and find out how we can help you obtain peace of mind in any situation.

We are happy to discuss how we can help. Call us today. (415) 477-1663.

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