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Locate a Missing Person, Friend, or a Key Witness Quickly

Because each of the people we are trying to locate is different and many of them have problems, child support warrants, bill collectors, etc., they can be very difficult to find, or very easy to find. We have basic locate investigations in San Francisco and then an open investigation for which we charge you on an hourly basis.

Our basic locate service is designed to find the current address and (if available) telephone number of the deadbeat parent. This is designed to help us locate someone who is NOT actively hiding from the world. This is not the choice for someone who is running from the law, running from bill collectors, transient, drug users, criminals, etc. This is a BASIC locate service for everyday people that you and the system have lost track of.

Beyond the basic locate investigations service in San Francisco for child support collection, if you need us to find someone who is attempting to stay hidden or is on the run, please understand that these cases take more time. There is no “secret super search” on the internet to find people like this.

We have the tools and the skills to locate a deadbeat parent for child support collection. The more information that you can give to us about this person, the less it should cost. With these types of cases, we recommend that you contact us to discuss your situation. The investigator can then set up a budget with you and go over exactly how we will proceed with your case.

We strongly recommend that you review each private detective agency carefully and do not choose an investigation based solely on price. You get what you pay for and if you are not honest with yourself about your actual needs, you will not get complete information back!

Some of the factors that you should consider when selecting the right type of employment to locate service are as follows:

  • Is the other parent working a normal job and drawing a paycheck?
  • Do they own their own business?
  • Do they work “under the table?”
  • Do they work for a relative?

Each of these has a significant impact on how we approach the case. Obviously, if the other parent is taking great efforts to avoid paying, the process is more complicated and time-consuming for us.

Child Custody Investigations

This is designed for those cases where the other parent is believed to have a conventional job where they receive a paycheck, but for some reason, the system has failed to detect it or they have been at the job for a very short time.

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