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How to Find a Missing Person in 2023 without Police
How to Find a Missing Person in 2023 without Police

Bond Investigations is a trusted resource for tracking down and locating missing persons in Dallas, Texas. Our services include finding friends, associates, long-lost acquaintances, and debtors. Whether you urgently need to locate a key witness for a trial or a person who has skipped bail, rest assured that we have the expertise and resources to find and determine the whereabouts of any subject.

Locate Investigation – Our Approach

Every locate investigation begins with a one-on-one consultation with the client to gather any known information about the subject. Our skilled locate investigators attentively listen as clients share their knowledge about the person being sought. Often, clients possess relevant information that can aid detectives in locating a missing person, even if they are uncertain about its usefulness. Once we have obtained the information, we conduct thorough database searches to retrieve likely addresses.

Some investigations are resolved by processing the provided information. In cases where multiple addresses are found, we assign a private detective to verify which address is accurate. The detective will visit the residence, record the license plates of vehicles in the driveway, and even make inquiries to confirm the residence’s occupants.

Premier Locate Investigation Agency

While numerous private investigators are offering to locate investigation services, few can match the reputation and integrity of Bond Investigations. We have earned our enviable standing by consistently delivering accurate information and results to our clients. 

By selecting our services, you gain the advantage of skilled private investigation detectives who are committed to delivering a positive outcome for your case.

Skilled Locate Investigators

Experience and insight are irreplaceable when locating a key witness or long-lost friend. The detectives at Bond Investigations possess over 20 years of real-world experience in searching for and locating even the most elusive subjects. Our private detectives are extensively trained and highly proficient in locating missing persons. Whether it involves running comprehensive database checks or verifying addresses, you can rely on our investigators to provide the most accurate information regarding the location of any subject.

Need to Locate a Person Quickly?

Call (469)-480-2663 to discover how our skilled locate investigators can assist you in quickly finding the person you are searching for in Dallas, Texas. We are pleased to provide you with a free quote and answer any questions.

Insurance Investigations: Combat insurance fraud with our comprehensive investigations. We assist insurance companies in uncovering fraudulent claims and gathering evidence for fair resolutions.

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