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Divorce or separation carries various implications, with alimony being the most significant. Many people fail to consider this aspect when parting ways. After the divorce, the affected spouse or partner suddenly realizes their responsibility to make alimony payments. If you find yourself in this unfamiliar situation, it is crucial to seek the assistance of an alimony investigator. Alimony investigations can play a crucial role in helping you navigate through this challenging phase.

Only a professional alimony investigator specializing in cases like yours can alleviate the burden of alimony by gathering relevant evidence and demonstrating that you deserve a reduction or termination. With their expertise, they can uncover crucial information and present it effectively to support your case. Don’t face the complexities of alimony alone – enlist the help of an experienced alimony investigator to protect your rights and secure a fair outcome.

Are Alimony Payments Being Misused?

There are cases where individuals who receive alimony tend to misuse the funds. They divert alimony or support payments for purposes other than their intended use.
If you have concerns that your ex-spouse or former partner is misusing alimony payments, you are entitled to conduct an investigation to uncover the truth. Our team at Bond Investigations can provide the services of alimony investigators who can help demonstrate a “change of circumstances” to encourage the court to reconsider the alimony arrangement. By gathering significant evidence, your attorney can request a reduction or termination of your alimony payments through the appeals process.

Need to Reduce or Terminate Alimony?

One of the primary grounds for reducing or terminating alimony is cohabitation. As the spouse who has been wronged, you have the right to file a petition with the court to request a reduction or termination of alimony payments. This can be done once you provide ample evidence of a significant change in circumstances. This is where Bond Investigations comes in. Our alimony investigator can thoroughly and conclusively investigate your case, aiming to have your alimony reduced or terminated. Through our investigations, we can assist you in obtaining proof that will influence the court’s ruling in your favor. The court will consider various factors, such as the duration of the new relationship, time spent together, shared vacations or holidays, daily activities, and interrelation of personal affairs.

Why Hire a Professional Alimony Investigator?

In most states, it is not the court or law enforcement’s responsibility to investigate whether a former spouse or partner is cohabiting with another person. The onus falls on the aggrieved spouse to investigate and gather evidence. Our team of alimony investigators can assist you in proving that you genuinely deserve a reduction or termination. Whether you seek to uncover the nature of the new relationship or investigate the misuse of alimony, our alimony investigations will yield evidence that can withstand court scrutiny. We will present all the evidence and supporting documentation, allowing your attorney to build a strong case.

Need Assistance with Alimony Investigation?

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