Child Custody Investigations in Cleveland

Child custody disputes often become acrimonious and challenging to manage, particularly when one parent, be it the father or mother, exhibits irresponsibility or unreliability. In such cases, undertaking child custody investigations becomes crucial to ensure the well-being and safety of the child. These investigations play a vital role in assessing parental fitness, uncovering any potential risks, and providing evidence to support custody decisions. By conducting thorough child custody investigations in Cleveland, the court can make informed decisions that prioritize the best interests of the child involved.


The Importance of Cleveland Custody Investigations

Given the overwhelming influx of child custody cases in our court system, your case may not be their immediate priority, which is understandable considering the numerous similar issues they handle. Courts operate with finite resources and cannot extend special treatment for each case, given their mandate to dispense justice fairly. They cannot favor one case over another.

Private Investigator can Make the Difference in Child Custody Case

Nonetheless, at Bond Investigations, we acknowledge the pressing need to expedite your child custody issues. If the child’s other parent fails to make child support payments, despite having a steady income, our Cleveland private investigator may aid in collecting these payments. We can achieve this by gathering comprehensive information about the child’s other parent. We delivered this information to you, empowering you to take legal recourse against them to secure your child’s financial needs.

Pursuing unresponsive fathers and mothers can be exceedingly troublesome. However, since the court system may not provide a swift resolution, our professional assistance can expedite the process.

Child Custody Investigations in Cleveland

Here’s how our Cleveland Private Investigator can assist:

  • Determining the whereabouts of the non-compliant parent
  • Identifying their current employer’s name and address
  • Information about their assets, including real estate, vehicles, boats, motorcycles, jet skis, and snowmobiles

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Please note that we are not a collection agency. Our court systems are robust enough to enforce payment from the other parent. In Additions, where the parent disappears or resists payment, we can help in locating them, identifying their current employer, and assessing their financial standing. Armed with this information, you can take legal action. You will have evidence that the parent possesses the means to fulfill child support obligations.

Contact us today so we can uncover the information the other parent might be concealing. If you require proof, our private investigator’s services will ensure you have it.

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