What are US Non-Compete Agreements, and How do Private Investigators help?

Signs that Your Business Needs To Hire a Private Investigator. lets discuss about What are US Non-Compete Agreements, and How do Private Investigators help?

“Knowing that your former employee now works for your main competitor, how can you be convinced that they are following the non-disclosure agreement and not revealing your trade secrets? This is the reason ASG Investigations exists.”

Why Should You Hire Private Investigators For Non-Compete Enforcement?

Copyright, trademark, and patent laws cover most, but not all, kinds of intellectual property. When giving trade secrets to an employee, a company can protect the information using contracts such as non-compete agreements. The challenge is enforcing the agreement and proving a violation when it occurs.

What are US Non-Compete Agreements

A “non-compete agreement” is a contract among an employer and their employees that “imposes limitations on such employee from performing after the working relationship ends.” Non-compete offenses include the following:

  • Sharing business secrets.
  • Disclosing sensitive business information.
  • Sharing customer lists.
  • Divulging special training programs.
  • Using existing customer ties.

Having written agreements will only safeguard an employer’s interest if that employer is ready to take action to uphold their rights.

The employer should evaluate if the employee’s new job with a rival presents a risk to the employer’s trade secrets, sensitive information, and goodwill. Employers should not delay in these cases since it may compromise their ability to acquire legal protection.

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How do Private Investigators help in a Non-compete agreement investigation?

“It is essential to conduct thorough risk management when dealing with business partners or employees through ASG Business Investigations’ solutions.”

Many people ask this question because they do not understand how Private Investigators work. Private investigators can conduct background investigations on individuals or businesses to help resolve some of the problems mentioned below.

“The risk of cheating is always present when a person or company performs well.”

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If a current or recent former employee having access to your company’s trade secrets (for example, growth strategies, client information, and marketing techniques) quit and quickly accepts a job with a direct competitor, your concerns are justified.

When you suspect or have information that a current or former employee has violated the non-compete agreement, your first reaction may be to contact your attorney and request a cease-and-desist letter. However, if you’ve reached that point, the damage has already been done. Stopping their behavior now might hinder you from obtaining the evidence required to legally recover your damages. At this stage, you should hire a professional private investigator to conduct surveillance, identify and interview witnesses, get documents, and use open-source data mining and cell phone forensics to gather the necessary proof.

This will allow you to not only halt any activities costing your company money but also establish a case against the culprit and recover any economic losses. Private Investigators occasionally collaborate with law enforcement authorities, using their specialized expertise in order to protect the community. This task could range from surveillance to issuing subpoenas and investigating cold cases.

Why hire ASG Investigations for your company?

“Not only will this help you in terms of keeping your business safe, but it will also keep your employees loyal and ensure that they do not jeopardize your company’s security.”

Employees are given access to a lot of critical information, yet, how they choose to use that knowledge can be harmful to a company, and it can also be difficult to detect. ASG Investigations like Bond Investigations Inc. can find out exactly what employees are doing with company data, which can save your company from chaos.

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