Skip Tracing Investigations in Alabama – Find Missing Persons


Many times we lose touch with important people such as former employees or key witnesses.  In such instances, it’s good to employ Skip Tracing Investigations in Alabama to find the missing ones. Our detectives have years of experience in this area. Bond Investigations performs Level 1 skip trace using modern databases available. We use only the most relevant and recent data to find the people you want.

  • Credit Reports
  • Driver’s License Reports
  • Fictitious Business Name
  • Civil & Criminal Court Records
  • Real Estate/Property
  • Social Security
  • Asset searches

Find a key witness before the trial starts

Often, court cases involve missing persons who need to be traced before the hearing continues. If you need help in finding a witness or a defendant so they can be interrogated or served with court documents, we will be happy to be of help for Skip Tracing Investigations in Alabama. You can count on the expertise and experience of our team to find whoever you want.

Find a runaway teen or long-lost friend

It could be you want to find a long lost friend, relative, or a runaway teen. You may have scoured the internet or inquired without any success. Don’t worry. Just call us to schedule a one-on-one consultation. Our private detectives have access to trusted sources of information which are not accessible to the general public.

Find Missing Persons with the help of Skip Tracing Professionals

Top Skip Tracing Investigation Service Provider

Experience the confidence of collaborating with the foremost skip-tracing investigators in the region. Our commitment lies in the provision of professional, licensed, and seasoned investigators who remain readily accessible at all times. Individuals, legal professionals, and debt collection agencies actively engage our highly proficient private detectives. Well-versed in contemporary skip-tracing methodologies across Alabama and beyond, our investigators excel in tracking even the most elusive subjects. Whether your pursuit involves locating a bail-skipping individual, a crucial witness, or a elusive business associate, be assured that our detectives will successfully Find Missing Person connect you with them.

Owing to their experience, our private investigators can search for a vast collection of electronic data quickly and efficiently.

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