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Insurance fraud poses a serious and costly threat, impacting not only honest policyholders but also our communities. Many fraudulent claims involve non-existent events or losses, while some go to the extent of staging losses such as vehicle theft or arson. Fraudulent activities also include claimants refusing or concealing information necessary for insurers to assess risk and match premiums. For expert assistance, consider Insurance Investigations in Alabama to safeguard against these deceptive practices.

Bond Investigations-Alabama conducts insurance investigations to determine cause, fault, and extent of liability for individuals who took homeowner or commercial policies. Our aim is to prevent fraud by uncovering the truth about claims.

Alabama Insurance Investigations Services

Our detectives are often called upon to carry out investigations on:

Personal Injury:

  • Assault / battery
  • Slip & fall
  • Equipment failure
  • Negligence
  • Drugs

Property Claims:

  • Chattel theft
  • Theft / burglary / robbery
  • Household items from flood / fire
  • Jewelry / Art / Electronics
  • Arson 


  • Auto / Trucks
  • Equipment failure on job site
  • Non-injury – death
  • Staged fraudulent accidents

​Liability Claims:​

  • Omissions
  • Slander / Libel
  • Wrongful death
  • Disclosure of confidential information 

General Insurance Investigations

Bond Investigations has a proven track record in curbing fraudulent general claims. We’re often called upon by insurance agencies to investigate small claims relating to loss or damage of personal assets and home appliances. Our detectives of Insurance Investigations in Alabama have also handled investigations into larger claims where there’s alleged theft of domestic or commercial property by claimants. We’ve succeeded in uncovering exaggerated and fraudulent claims that have been submitted by many individuals.

Four Services of Private Investigators

Motor vehicle crash investigations

Nearly 10% of motor crash claims are fraudulent as the accidents are staged. Some fraudsters are so good at it that they end up claiming hundreds of thousands of dollars. Insurance Investigations in Alabama can help you investigate any suspicious motor vehicle crash and present you with a report of the findings. Our detectives are always available to visit and examine the crash scene 7 days a week. They’re happy to assist insurers to identify problems with crash claims.

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