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One of the thorny issues among divorcees is alimony. If you’re not careful, you may find yourself paying more towards an estranged spouse than you had intended. Our private investigators of Alimony Investigations in Alabama can help you, so that you can reduce or eliminate the burden that you shoulder towards someone else.

Unfortunately, certain individuals exploit their ex-spouses and partners in the realm of alimony payments. In some instances, these funds intended for essentials like rent, food, and clothing are diverted for other purposes. If you suspect misuse or wish to ensure proper allocation, consider our Alimony Investigations in Alabama for comprehensive insights and clarity.

Unveiling the Truth: Alimony Investigations

Is a Spouse or Partner Co-habiting?

Cohabitation stands as a key factor impacting alimony in Alabama. The legal framework prohibits payments to an estranged spouse or partner engaged in cohabitation with another person. Yet, securing a reduction or elimination of payments necessitates furnishing the court with concrete evidence. If your former spouse or partner is currently residing with someone else, our Alimony Investigations in Alabama service can assist you in obtaining the proof you require.

Top Rated Alimony Investigations in Alabama

Our aim is to help you build a solid.  How do we do that? We’ll supply you and your attorney with solid evidence. Where necessary, we’ll carry out surveillance on the movements and activities of your former spouse/partner. That way, you will increase the chance of obtaining a favorable ruling in court.

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