Scooter theft has become a major issue in cities across the United States, San Diego, California is an example with Bird Scooter Company recently deciding to leave the city. Bond Investigations recently participated in this story with NBC7’s Journalist Dave Summers discussing this issue.

Bird, last operator of e-scooter fleet in San Diego, flies the coop but return flight is possible

With the rise in popularity of electric scooters, thieves have found a new target for their crimes. In order to protect your scooter from theft, it is important to invest in a good lock. Here are some tips and recommendations for its locks to help prevent theft in San Diego, California.

Scooters Theft in San Diego

The Problem with Scooter Theft

Scooters are an easy target for thieves due to their lightweight and portable nature. They can be easily picked up and carried away, making them a prime target for theft. In San Diego, California, where electric scooters are a popular mode of transportation, scooter theft has become a major issue. Thieves can easily steal a scooter and sell it for a quick profit, leaving the owner without their mode of transportation.

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