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When it comes to locating individuals for support-related cases, the level of difficulty can vary. Navigating the complexities of Locate Investigations in Cincinnati requires a specialized touch, and at Bond Investigations, we excel in the art of Locate Investigations. With over 25 years of expertise, our seasoned team utilizes advanced techniques to track down missing persons, witnesses, or key figures crucial to legal matters. Our commitment to precision and efficiency ensures that we deliver results, providing the support needed for your search in Cincinnati.


Services of Locate Investigations in Cincinnati

At Bond Investigations, we offer two types of locate investigation services:

  • Basic locate
  • Open locate

The charges for Locate Investigations in Cincinnati services are based on an hourly rate, depending on the specific circumstances of each case.

Basic Locate Service:

This Locate Investigations in Cincinnati service focuses on finding the current address and telephone number (if available) of the person being investigated. It is most effective when dealing with individuals who are not actively trying to hide. In such cases, the system has simply lost track of them, and our investigators can assist in locating them.

Locate Missing Persons Quickly with the Help of a Private Investigator

Open Locate Service:

This service is designed for individuals who are evading the law or trying to escape bill collections. This category includes criminals, drug users, and others who are actively trying to remain hidden. Open Locate Investigations in Cincinnati are more challenging and time-consuming, as a simple internet search is not sufficient to locate them.

At Bond Investigations, our private investigators have the necessary skills and tools to locate individuals who are difficult to find. However, providing us with as much information as possible is crucial for achieving the best results in a timely manner. We recommend speaking with our Investigators for Locate Investigations in Cincinnati to discuss all relevant details. Our Cincinnati PI will work with you to establish a budget and provide an approximate cost based on the specific requirements of your case.

When choosing a private detective agency, it is important to prioritize the quality of investigative services over price alone. Ultimately, the results matter the most.

Factors of Locate Investigations in Cincinnati

Factors that we consider when determining the approach for a locate investigation include:

  • Employment status and whether the individual is earning a regular income
  • Involvement in their own business
  • Engaging in cash-based or unreported work
  • Connections to relatives through employment

These factors significantly impact the investigation and determine the level of difficulty in locating the person of interest. We are here to discuss how our services can assist you. Contact us today at (714) 909-0012 to learn more and initiate the process.

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