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Alimony Investigations in San Diego are becoming more important in this day and age. Many times in a divorce, alimony is imposed and in some cases, it could be indefinite. However, what most people do not realize is that alimony can be reduced and even eliminated if there is a change in circumstances.

It is illegal for your alimony payments to go toward a cohabitation between your ex and his or her new partner. Your payments may not be going toward essentials such as food, rent, or clothing, but rather straight into your ex’s pocket. However, it is impossible for a court of law to reduce or eliminate your alimony payments without any physical proof.

In the state of Arizona, spousal maintenance may be given to a husband or wife if that party proves that it is necessary in order for them to meet their monetary obligations. It should be understood that alimony might also be awarded in cases when parties become legally separated, not only in cases of divorce. Statute ARS §25-319 oversees spousal maintenance and alimony in Arizona. Before any such award is decided, it must be ascertained that alimony is, in fact, a necessity. If this is the case, then it is the court’s job to decide the amount and length of the maintenance.

Co-habitation is an important factor in reducing alimony. What this means is that if your ex is residing with someone else, despite the fact that they might each have separate residences, then you can petition the court to reduce or eliminate the alimony that is required.

It is important to build a solid case. If you fail to prove your case because the case was built soundly, then you dramatically diminish your credibility with the courts and a favorable future outcome is slim. Bond Investigations specializes in such cases. Gathering as much information as possible is the key ingredient needed for success in these types of cases; the next important ingredient is patience. One day of surveillance does now warrant a new hearing in your case. We must develop a pattern over a period of time.

Keep in mind that it is not the duty of the court to investigate your suspicion that your ex is cohabiting with someone, nor can you call the police to handle this type of issue. You must prove your case to the court. Most family court attorneys will tell you that gathering as much evidence as possible is the best tactic in this type of case.

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