Elder Abuse Investigations – Utah

Professional Elder Abuse Investigation

Elders suffer untold anguish and oppression. Most of them suffer in silence because they’re too frail to fight for their rights. The most common types of elder abuse in Utah are:

• Physical abuse
• Emotional abuse (psychological or verbal)
• Neglect by caregivers
• Sexual abuse
• Financial exploitation
• Medical abuse

If you suspect that a senior person is undergoing some form of abuse, call us at and we shall conduct elder abuse investigation to get to the bottom of the matter.

Signs of Elder Abuse

Elders rarely speak about what they go through for fear of retaliation. So how do you know whether an elder is being mistreated or subjected to some kind of abuse? Look out for any of the following signs.

• change in behavior/personality
• sprains and dislocations
• unexplained marks bruises, lacerations
• Bone fractures
• bite marks
• being agitated or upset
• apathy and withdrawal
• malnutrition
• unusual weight loss

Elder Abuse Investigations Service

Our private detectives in Utah can help you conduct proper investigations on cases of elder abuse. They can investigate and report on whether caregivers and physicians are giving elders under their care proper attention and treatment. Where necessary, they will visit senior care home facilities to ensure they comply with State and Federal regulations. We are happy to assist you with:

• Video and mobile surveillance of elders
• Documenting cases of senior abuse
• Obtaining temporary restraining orders
• Court and/or deposition testimony preparation
• Document analysis

Don’t keep quiet if you suspect that a senior citizen or elder is a victim of emotional, physical, or emotional abuse. Call (435) 538-2663 and we shall help.

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