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One of the thorny issues among divorcees is alimony. If you’re not careful, you may find yourself paying more towards an estranged spouse than you had intended. Our private investigators related to Alimony Investigations in Utah can help you carry out alimony investigations so that you can reduce or eliminate the burden that you shoulder towards someone else.

It’s regrettable to note that some individuals take advantage of their formers spouses and partners when it comes to alimony payments. Sometimes, the payments are not used for essentials such as rent, food, and clothing. Rather they’re used for other purposes.

Is a Spouse or Partner Co-habiting?

Co-habitation is one factor that reduces alimony. The law does not allow anyone to make payments to an estranged spouse/partner who is cohabiting with another person. However, you can get the court to eliminate or reduce the payment is to supply them with physical proof. If your former spouse or partner living with someone else, we can help you obtain the evidence you need.

Our aim is to help you build a solid.  How do we do that? We’ll supply you and your attorney with solid evidence. Where necessary, we’ll carry out surveillance on the movements and activities of your former spouse/partner. That way, you will increase the chance of obtaining a favorable ruling in court.

Do You Need Evidence?

Call (435) 538-2663 to speak with a licensed private detective in our Utah office. Our investigator of alimony investigations will listen and advise you on the best way to obtain the evidence you seek.

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