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Reliable Criminal Defense Investigation Services:

The United States Constitution entitles every citizen to proper legal representation but not every legal representative is equal. We can help your legal representative, regardless of their abilities, in conducting research and trying the case. If you’re facing a criminal suit and want to make sure all evidence is brought forward, call us to help chart the way forward.

We can look deeper into your case to find evidence, whether that be through video, photo, or another way, to help you in court. We have investigators that specialize and are experienced in various investigative methods, like surveillance, so we are able to offer many options to discover all relevant data. Our private detectives also have experience in many different types of cases, so you know you can trust us in the courtroom. Bond’s investigators have experience investigating cases involving:

  • Theft / Burglary
    • Assault / Rape
    • Homicide / Wrongful Death
    • Fraud
    • Abductions / Kidnapping
    • White-Collar Crime

Obtain Evidence to Support Your Case

Just as the prosecuting attorney relies on the police for investigations to support their case so does a defense attorney require investigative services to mount a strong defense. The detectives at Bond Investigations in Utah can provide you with the necessary investigative services for your criminal defense suit. They can work with you from the initial prosecution to the post-conviction phase.

More specifically, you can rely on our criminal investigators to assist you with the following:

  • Gathering intelligence to support a case
    • Locate key witnesses
    • Covert surveillance for case evidence
    • Obtaining statements
    • Crime scene visit
    • Review & examination of evidence
    • Witness interview & background checks
    • Alleged victim background check
    • Expert witness background check
    • Courtroom testimony

While carrying out investigations, we will scrutinize the case information and help find witnesses to help support your case. Our private investigators will also examine the police activity relating to your case. We can work with your defense attorney to ensure you get the best presentation possible in the courtroom.

Need a Detective to Testify?

Don’t worry if you need a detective to testify about their findings. From time to time, our investigators are called upon to present their evidence in court. We supply the Counsel for Defense with a solid report which they can use to cross-examine witnesses including the police.

Our Private Investigators understand the need for honesty in the courtroom so you can rest easy knowing they will make truthful statements. We also understand the need for discretion and trust when we search for this information and we know how stressful this time maybe. We want to present all the facts so you receive the best outcome possible.

Call us today at (435) 538-2663 and we will help you determine the best course of action to take with your situation.

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