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Experts in General Surveillance:

Bond Investigations is a trusted name when it comes to surveillance in Montana. We carry out many different types of surveillance for individuals, corporations, and insurance companies. Whether you want to curb corporate fraud or get to the root of alleged personal injury, we can help you obtain evidence for prosecution.

Photographic evidence and videos

Most surveillance investigations are carried out with the aim of obtaining photographic evidence of suspects or alleged malpractices.  To accomplish this outcome, we use covert equipment as well as modern cameras with high-powered lenses to capture the evidence needed. Bond surveillance investigators are able to film suspects in various places including restaurants, malls, meeting places, and even close-in circumstances without blowing their cover. They are well trained and well versed in many types of surveillance equipment.

Our private investigators in Montana are not only well equipped but they are skilled in gathering video and photographic evidence. The surveillance investigators are able to covertly use their cameras to gather the exact information necessary. You will want someone well trained when dealing with more private matters so they have the experience and understand the necessity for discretion. Our PIs will be there to supply you with the information and maintain your trust so you are comfortable throughout the entire process.

Our investigators have a solid reputation for carrying out surveillance of private citizens as well as insurance brokers and agencies. Once they take on your case, they will not relent until they supply you with every bit of evidence that you need. They will help you from start to finish so your mind can be put to ease or at least have your questions answered via our surveillance.

Monitor employees

Sometimes members of staff, such as clerks, sales personnel, drivers, and even managers, who have access to business assets or property can abuse their positions as well as the trust of their employers. You may need to monitor day-to-day activities to ensure your employees do the job they’re assigned.

If some rogue employees work fewer hours or take questionable sick leaves, we can supply you with photographic evidence to help sort this situation out so that it’s backed by fact. By carrying out surveillance investigations, we can help you determine whether they’re engaging in shady practices or lying about their whereabouts.

Will it Work for My Needs?

We offer pre-surveillance services to clients who need it to check to see if surveillance would be the best course of action for your situation. Just call our private detectives to a specific location or address. They will carry out an assessment to determine whether surveillance is possible. In such an instance, they will create a sketch plan and supply photographs plus a detailed brief with recommendations.

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