About Bond Investigations Inc.

Bond Investigations is a premier private investigations and surveillance company that fights for individuals’ right to know the truth. Established in 2003 by Dorian Bond, the company has built an enviable reputation for conducting swift, discreet, and conclusive investigations. We have consistently served diverse clients ranging from insurers seeking info on claimants to concerned parents seeking child support payments to organizations seeking the best candidates for jobs. With extensive knowledge and a firm grasp of private investigations, our agency detectives assure each client of objective and conclusive investigations on any case.

Pratice Area

Corporate Investigations

Our corporate investigations are designed to provide businesses with accurate and reliable information and evidence about the state of affairs. We undertake thorough and impartial business investigations, covering various areas of corporate operations

Legal Investigations

Bond Investigations takes pride in having skilled and experienced legal investigators. Our detectives are well-trained and grounded in every aspect of legal investigation. From carrying out covert surveillance to interviewing witnesses.

Insurance Investigations

Bond Investigations has a longstanding tradition of conducting professional insurance investigations across different states. From Arizona to Texas, we have assisted several insurers and adjusters to establish the legitimacy of claims.

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