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In the realm of support-related cases, finding individuals can pose varying levels of difficulty. Successfully navigating the intricacies of Locate Investigations in Oakland demands a specialized approach, and at Bond Investigations, we possess a mastery of this art. With a wealth of experience spanning over 25 years, our seasoned team employs advanced techniques to locate missing persons, witnesses, or pivotal figures essential to legal proceedings. Our dedication to precision and efficiency guarantees the delivery of results, offering the necessary support for your search in Oakland.

Services of Locate Investigations in Oakland

At Bond Investigations, we offer two types of locate investigation services:

  • Basic locate
  • Open locate

The fees for these services are determined by an hourly rate, which varies according to the particular circumstances of each case.

Basic Locate Service:

This service is dedicated to locating the current address and, if possible, the telephone number of the individual under investigation. Its efficacy is particularly notable in situations where individuals are not deliberately concealing their whereabouts. In such instances, the system has merely lost their trace, and our investigators are adept at aiding in their identification and location.

Locate Missing Persons Quickly with the Help of a Private Investigator

Open Locate Service:

This Locate Investigations in Oakland service is intended for individuals seeking to avoid legal authorities or evade bill collections. This group encompasses criminals, drug users, and others actively attempting to stay concealed. Open locate investigations pose greater challenges and require more time, as a basic internet search is insufficient to track them down.

Bond Investigations employs highly skilled private investigators equipped with the necessary tools to locate individuals who may be challenging to find. For optimal and timely results, it is essential to furnish us with as much information as possible. We strongly advise engaging in a conversation with our Oakland-based private investigator to thoroughly go over all pertinent details. Collaborating with our Oakland PI will involve establishing a budget tailored to your case’s specific requirements, and they will provide an estimated cost accordingly.

When selecting a private investigator agency, prioritize the excellence of investigative services rather than solely focusing on the cost. Ultimately, the outcomes hold the utmost significance.

Factors of Locate Investigations in Oakland

Factors that we consider when determining the approach for a locate investigation include:

  • Employment status and whether the individual is earning a regular income
  • Involvement in their own business
  • Engaging in cash-based or unreported work
  • Connections to relatives through employment

The investigation is greatly influenced by these factors, and they play a crucial role in determining the complexity of finding the person of interest. We’re available to explore how our services can support you. Reach out to us now at (510) 775-0012 for further information and to kickstart the process.

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