Insurance Investigations in South Dakota


At Bond Investigations, one of our fundamental pillars is our longstanding commitment to providing exceptional investigative services to insurance carriers and claims agencies. Our extensive range of investigative services, including casualty surveillance, background checks, and activity checks, has aided countless adjusters and defense attorneys nationwide in gathering the necessary information to make informed and responsible claim decisions. Lets discuss the things of Insurance Investigations in South Dakota.

Insurance Investigations in South Dakota

We understand the frustrations that arise from other agencies of insurance investigation in South Dakota making unrealistic promises, which often leave you in a difficult position with your supervisors, claims team, and the claimant. We acknowledge that you have several options when selecting an investigator, and it can be challenging to differentiate between them as they all tend to sound similar when pitching their services.

Four Services of Private Investigators

What sets us apart from the large national Private Investigators agencies is our unwavering commitment to preserving your reputation and that of your company. We refuse assignments that we cannot execute proficiently and with excellence. We do not employ untrained or inexperienced investigators who would perform poorly as witnesses in court. In essence, everything we do is carried out with your best interests in mind. We adhere to a strict ethics policy, treating the subjects of our investigations as real individuals and respecting their rights and dignity.

Decoding Insurance Investigations: Why Bond Investigations Stands Out

Unlike many agencies for insurance investigation in South Dakota that try to cater to everyone and offer services at the lowest possible price, Bond Investigations focus on delivering superior service and results. No agency can truly provide investigative excellence when inexperienced investigators earning minimum wages are assigned to your case. Furthermore, it is disconcerting when these firms send salespeople to convince your manager to hire them for claim file management and special investigative units. What you need is investigative expertise, not fictional tales from someone who views your case as merely another number on their list.

Our approach is different. We only accept cases within our areas of regular and reliable coverage. We strictly adhere to a code of ethics. All our investigators for Insurance Investigations in South Dakota are seasoned professionals who serve as credible and compelling witnesses in court. We prioritize fair compensation for our investigators, recognizing their expertise and dedication.

Beyond Promises: Bond Investigations Delivers Results

Our casualty surveillance services encompass a wide range of claim types, including bodily injury claims, workers’ compensation claims, disability claims, public liability, litigation support, and subrogation. We meticulously document and support all our work, avoiding speculation or embellishment. We understand what you require to thrive in the insurance industry, and that is precisely what we deliver.

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