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At Bond Investigations, we implement rigorous background investigations that often uncover criminal records, bankruptcy histories, and fraudulent lawsuits. People may not always be forthright about such elements during discovery and depositions (legal process stages). However, through our exhaustive services of Background Investigations in South Dakota, we ensure transparency and honesty in dealing with employees or claimants.

Background Investigations in South Dakota | Identity Matters

  • Workplace Background Investigations
  • Criminal Records Examination
  • Probing Personal References
  • Litigation Background Investigations
  • Education Verification
  • Employment References
  • Driving Records (DMV)
  • Identity Verification
  • Military Records
  • Financial Background
  • Professional License Verification

Workplace Background Investigations in South Dakota

With a quarter-century of experience in executing top-tier background investigations for private individuals, attorneys, corporations, and small businesses, Bond Investigations stands out. We have access to a wealth of criminal databases and are subscribers to a variety of additional data sources. This enables us to address our client’s investigative needs more effectively. For the unvarnished truth, we’re the ones to turn to.

Criminal Records Examination

Carrying out a fundamental criminal record check is vital. This not only safeguards the company from potential threats of theft and fraud but also shields other employees from possible workplace violence or harassment.

Probing Personal References

Personal references often consist of just a collection of friends or neighbors who vouch for the applicant. An adept investigator can formulate polite, precise questions that may expose undisclosed employment gaps, overstated educational achievements, or inflated credentials. The significance of proficient personal reference verification should never be underestimated.

Litigation Background Investigations in South Dakota

Work-related injury and discrimination lawsuits cost U.S. employers billions annually. Employers can actively shield themselves by recognizing high-risk applicants with a history of frequently filing such lawsuits. An exhaustive civil background investigation could reveal troublesome business transactions, or a trend of lodging overstated or spurious lawsuits for financial advantage.

Education Verification

Verifying an applicant’s educational background—whether they graduated from high school, earned a GED, completed technical training, or hold a college degree—is crucial for employers. This empowers the employer to hire a candidate possessing the necessary skills and aptitude for a specific role.

Employment References

Employment reference checks are a reliable method of confirming the information on a potential employee’s application or resume/CV. This process facilitates hiring an individual who fits seamlessly into the specific job and workplace environment.

Driving Records (DMV) Background Investigations in South Dakota

For any applicants who will operate company vehicles or heavy machinery, checking driving records is essential. This cost-effective search can significantly mitigate an employer’s risk concerning transportation-related incidents and accidents.

Identity Verification

Given the escalating incidence of identity theft, it’s vital that employers accurately identify their prospective employees. Regular database searches can avert costly hiring delays. While the Department of Homeland Security’s No-Match Rule faces ongoing litigation, it undoubtedly lays a blueprint for future endeavors to address identity theft abuse in the workplace. Stay ahead of the curve and implement an affordable method to verify all your employees’ identities.

Military Records

Many applicants and employers are oblivious to the fact that military records can be verified. Most applicants incorrectly assume their military experience claims will not be scrutinized. If you suspect an applicant of misrepresenting their military record or discharge status, a thorough military background check is warranted.

Financial Background Investigations in South Dakota

An applicant’s financial history is an excellent gauge of their potential value as an employee. Credit scores, bankruptcy records, liens, judgments, civil lawsuits, and equity-to-debt analysis might be incorporated into the investigative report.

Professional License Verification:

Government authorities generally maintain records with regard to education, investigations, and disciplinary matters. We are able to efficiently verify the license, and check for any disciplinary actions, suspensions, or revocations.

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