Criminal Defense Investigations in Vermont


Founded in 2003, Bond Investigations Inc. is a Vermont-based agency that specializes in Criminal Defense Investigations. Our distinct mission is to passionately advocate for individuals’ rights to uncover the truth. Since our establishment, our committed team of private investigators has consistently pursued this mission, employing a thorough and strategic approach to criminal defense investigations.

Located in the heart of Vermont, we stand ready to be your primary contact for a skilled Private Investigator in the state. Boasting 25 years of expertise in delivering private investigation services, we are fully prepared to support you. If you find yourself grappling with criminal accusations and in need of reliable investigation services, rest assured that Bond Investigations will utilize every available resource to aid in your defense. Our goal is to contribute to the most favorable outcome for you.

Criminal Defense Investigations in Vermont

Our strength resides in our experienced team, wholeheartedly dedicated to achieving outcomes.

Numerous defense attorneys lack awareness of the specific prosecutorial strategies employed in various cases. By partnering with our Vermont private investigator, you’ll benefit from our team’s extensive expertise, crucial for effective criminal defense investigations. Our investigators have previously collaborated with attorneys and former federal prosecutors, providing them with significant insights into the criminal justice system. This equips them to supply you with information that plays a key role in achieving the desired outcome.

Is it worth to Hire Private Investigator for Criminal Defense Cases?

At Bond Investigations, we understand the daunting nature of confronting criminal charges. It is crucial to recognize that you possess rights, and having the appropriate team by your side is essential to safeguarding these rights. Our investigators are dedicated to treating you with the highest level of courtesy and respect. We place great importance on building strong relationships with our clients. Regular interactions with our Vermont PI are expected, and we value these engagements. Our commitment lies in keeping you well-informed about the progress of your case and diligently seeking the information necessary to provide answers that can aid in your criminal proceedings.

Discover the Truth: Criminal Defense Investigations by Bond Investigations

Bond Investigations is a distinguished company known for its professionalism. We engage in professional collaborations with prominent law firms that hold national acclaim, possess AV® ratings from Martindale-Hubbell, and have achieved the esteemed “Super Lawyer” status. Our partnerships extend to various local and statewide law enforcement agencies, earning us commendations from both the U.S. Attorney General and the U.S. Secret Service.

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