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Bond Investigations is dedicated to conducting thorough background investigations, revealing crucial information such as criminal records, bankruptcy histories, and fraudulent lawsuits. During discovery and depositions in the legal process, individuals may not always disclose such details willingly. Nonetheless, our comprehensive Background Investigations services in Vermont guarantee transparency and honesty when evaluating employees or claimants.

Background Investigations in Vermont | Identity Matters

  • Workplace Background Investigations
  • Criminal Records Examination
  • Probing Personal References
  • Litigation Background Investigations
  • Education Verification
  • Employment References
  • Driving Records (DMV)
  • Identity Verification
  • Military Records
  • Financial Background
  • Professional License Verification

Workplace Background Investigations in Vermont

With 25 years of expertise conducting high-quality background investigations for individuals, lawyers, companies, and small businesses, Bond Investigations distinguishes itself. Our access to extensive criminal databases and subscription to various additional data sources empower us to fulfill our clients’ investigative requirements more efficiently. When seeking unfiltered truth, we are the trusted choice.

Criminal Records Examination

Conducting a crucial background check for criminal records is essential. This not only protects the organization from potential risks of theft and fraud but also ensures the safety of other employees by preventing potential workplace violence or harassment.

Probing Personal References

Personal references typically involve a group of friends or neighbors endorsing the applicant. A skilled investigator can craft courteous and targeted questions to uncover potential undisclosed employment gaps, exaggerated educational accomplishments, or inflated credentials. The importance of thorough personal reference verification should not be overlooked.

Litigation Background Investigations in Vermont

Every year, U.S. employers incur billions in expenses due to work-related injury and discrimination lawsuits. Employers have the opportunity to proactively protect themselves by identifying applicants at high risk, those who have a track record of frequently filing such lawsuits. A thorough civil background investigation can unveil problematic business transactions or a pattern of submitting exaggerated or baseless lawsuits for financial gain.

Education Verification

Confirming a candidate’s educational history, including high school graduation, GED attainment, technical training completion, or college degree possession, is essential for employers. This enables employers to select candidates with the requisite skills and aptitude for a particular role.

Employment References

Carrying out employment reference checks emerges as a reliable method to verify the information furnished in the application, resume, or CV of a potential employee. This systematic approach streamlines the hiring process, guaranteeing the recruitment of an individual who seamlessly fits the criteria of the particular job and workplace setting. In the context of Vermont, these checks play a crucial role in Background Investigations in Vermont, ensuring a thorough examination of a candidate’s suitability for the position.

Driving Records (DMV)

Examining the driving records of applicants who will be operating company vehicles or heavy machinery is crucial. This economical investigation can substantially reduce an employer’s exposure to risks associated with transportation-related incidents and accidents.

Identity Verification

Given the growing threat of identity theft, employers in Vermont must prioritize the meticulous verification of prospective employees’ identities. Regularly performing database searches can preemptively address identity-related concerns and avoid costly delays in the hiring process. Despite the ongoing legal debates surrounding the Department of Homeland Security’s No-Match Rule, it serves as a foundation for forthcoming endeavors dedicated to thwarting identity theft in the workplace. Proactivity is key—embrace a cost-effective strategy to authenticate the identities of your workforce, aligning with the imperative of Background Investigations in Vermont.

Military Records

Many candidates and employers may not be aware that military records are subject to verification. Some applicants mistakenly believe that their claims regarding military experience will go unquestioned. If there is suspicion that an applicant is providing inaccurate information about their military record or discharge status, it is advisable to conduct a comprehensive military background check.

Financial Background Investigations in Vermont

An individual’s financial background serves as a valuable indicator of their prospective contribution as an employee. The investigative report may encompass elements such as credit scores, bankruptcy records, liens, judgments, civil lawsuits, and an analysis of equity-to-debt ratio.

Professional License Verification:

Government entities typically keep records related to education, investigations, and disciplinary issues. We can adeptly confirm licensure and examine for any instances of disciplinary actions, suspensions, or revocations.

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