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Professional Child Custody Investigation:

Child Custody Investigations

Is a deadbeat compromising your child’s welfare by avoiding child support? Our detective is your answer to locating a deadbeat and reminding them of their legal obligations. Our company’s private detectives specialize in child custody investigations and can assist you in locating the whereabouts, workplaces, and hidden assets of an absentee parent. With a proven track record in handling custodial cases, our child custody private investigators will make every effort to ensure you receive timely and appropriate monthly payments towards child support.

Swift Children Custody Cases

Child support is a matter that needs to be handled promptly and professionally. Unfortunately, the courts and law enforcement personnel are often overwhelmed and lack the resources to conduct swift and thorough investigations on deadbeat parents. Our dedicated detectives will conduct thorough investigations on the other parent, gathering timely evidence that your attorney can use to advocate for child support..

Your Child’s Interest is Our Top Priority

Unlike some private detectives who prioritize quick payment, our motivation is to secure the best interests of your children by ensuring you receive just and timely support payments. We never charge excessive fees or take a cut beyond what is reasonable from child support money. Our private detectives focus solely on obtaining evidence, leaving the administration of payments to the courts.

Our experienced child custody private detectives employ various tactics to assist clients. We can obtain details of the employer to demonstrate that a deadbeat parent has the means to make support payments. Alternatively, we can gather evidence to show if a deadbeat is hiding income to avoid fulfilling their obligations. Whatever the deadbeat parent is up to, you can depend on our private investigators to obtain crucial evidence that will contribute to a favorable outcome in your child custody case.

Hire a Private Detective to Locate a Deadbeat!

Do you need assistance in tracking down a deadbeat or uncovering their assets? Call (307) 316 2662 to speak to a private detective specializing in child custody investigations. We are ready to assist you with investigations to locate any deadbeat parent, determine their current workplace, and retrieve any assets they may possess.

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