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Discovering that a spouse may be cheating is a devastating experience, but sometimes the signs are too obvious to ignore. Confronting your spouse without concrete evidence can make the situation even more challenging, as cheaters often deny wrongdoing. If you strongly suspect infidelity, the best course of action is to enlist the services of a professional infidelity investigator. Only a skilled and experienced investigator can provide the proof you need to confront the affair.

Premier Infidelity Investigation Agency

Bond Investigations is a trusted and reputable infidelity investigation company, serving clients in Arizona and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. Our team of private investigators has consistently helped spouses uncover the truth about ongoing affairs. We have a proven track record of documenting and uncovering infidelity. With state-of-the-art equipment and the expertise of seasoned investigators, we are equipped to obtain and document irrefutable evidence. Our services include:

  • Spousal monitoring and surveillance
  • Identification of affair partners
  • Tracking the cheater’s vehicle
  • Monitoring emails and chats

How We Conduct Infidelity Investigation

Every infidelity investigation begins with a confidential one-on-one consultation with a dedicated private investigator specializing in infidelity cases. During the consultation, our investigator will attentively listen to the specific details of your situation and provide expert advice on the best approach. You have full control over what you disclose, and we respect your privacy and confidentiality. Once we have the necessary information, we will initiate the investigation promptly.

You need to know the Six Signs of Infidelity

Hire the Best Infidelity Investigators

Experience and quality of service are paramount when dealing with such sensitive matters as infidelity. Our team of private detectives has a proven track record in conducting infidelity investigations and obtaining concrete evidence for our clients. Each investigator is licensed, extensively trained, and possesses real-world experience handling investigations at various levels. Our skilled detectives excel in every facet of investigation and covert surveillance, even in challenging environments. Whether you need evidence to confront your spouse or to pursue a divorce settlement, you can rely on our detectives to conduct swift, thorough, and satisfactory investigations.

Discreet and Confidential Infidelity Investigation

We understand that approaching a private investigator to discuss infidelity is a difficult step to take. Rest assured, Bond Investigations upholds a strict non-disclosure policy to protect your identity and privacy. We treat every piece of information shared with the utmost confidentiality. All evidence, including photos and video footage, is securely stored and only disclosed to you, the client.

Obtain Proof to Confront Your Spouse

Confronting an unfaithful partner without evidence can be an uphill battle. Through our infidelity investigation services, we can assist you in obtaining irrefutable proof of your spouse’s affair. We meticulously monitor and capture evidence such as phone calls, whereabouts, and online conversations. Our covert surveillance is carefully logged, documenting the date and time of each observation.

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