Child Custody Investigations in Hawaii


Is your child’s welfare at risk due to a negligent parent neglecting their child support duties? Our private investigators assist in tracking down such individuals, ensuring they fulfill their legal obligations. At Bond Investigations, our skilled team specializes in Child Custody Investigations in Hawaii. We are dedicated to securing the rightful monthly support payments for your child.

Swift Child Custody Cases

Resolving child support issues demands prompt and thorough examination. Unfortunately, the overwhelmed court system and law enforcement’s constrained resources often lead to delays. Our committed detectives, on the other hand, prioritize your case, swiftly collecting evidence for your attorney. Recognizing the urgency, we aim to furnish the essential information to expedite your pursuit of child support payments.

Private Investigator can Make the Difference in Child Custody Case

Child’s Welfare First: Choosing Bond Investigations for Custody Investigations in Hawaii

Contrary to other private detective agencies prioritizing financial gains, our focus is your children’s well-being. We tackle child custody investigations with a sincere dedication to safeguarding your child’s best interests. We refrain from overcharging or taking an excessive percentage from child support payments. Our private detectives concentrate solely on collecting evidence, leaving the administration of payments in the hands of the courts.

Beyond Court Delays: Accelerating Child Support with Hawaii’s Top Investigators

Our expert child custody private investigators utilize a range of strategies to aid clients in Child Custody Investigations in Hawaii. Whether unveiling details about the non-supportive parent’s employer for child support verification or exposing hidden income, our team gathers crucial evidence. Regardless of the tactics employed, trust our private investigators to secure vital proof, ensuring a positive outcome in your child custody case.

Child’s Welfare First: Choosing Bond Investigations for Child Custody Investigations in Hawaii

If you require help finding a non-supportive parent or revealing their concealed assets, reach out to us at (631)-429-2663 to talk to one of our seasoned private investigators. We’re prepared to support you in carrying out comprehensive Child Custody Investigations in Hawaii. Our goal is to locate the non-supportive parent, identify their present workplace, and recover any assets they might possess.

Business Investigations: Protect your business with our dedicated Child Custody Investigations in Hawaii. We thoroughly examine financial records, conduct meticulous due diligence, and uncover potential risks or fraudulent activities. This meticulous approach empowers you to make informed decisions and safeguard your child’s interests.

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