Alimony Investigations in Houston by Top Alimony Investigators

Alimony Investigations in Houston by Top Alimony Investigators

Going through a divorce or separation is not easy.  Spouses and couples not only face trauma but face the prospect of alimony payments towards spousal maintenance.  While it’s a legal obligation to pay alimony, there are grounds where the court can reduce or terminate the payments. Our private detectives can carry out an Alimony investigation in Houston to ease the burden of spousal maintenance and support.

Where are your alimony payments going?

Alimony payments should not go towards supporting cohabitation between the ex-spouse and a new partner. Alimony investigation in Houston is critical in determining whether your ex-spouse is cohabiting or keeping secrets that contribute to getting the alimony. You should not be the one supporting your ex’s relationship with a new partner. Through a private alimony investigation in Houston, we can assist you to prove a “change of circumstance” to the courts so that your alimony can be reduced or terminated.

Unveiling the Truth: Alimony Investigations

Alimony Investigation in Houston – How We Investigate

Our first endeavor is always to prove that the person seeking alimony deserves it. It is our duty to do a thorough alimony investigation in Houston and prepare a comprehensive report that will enable us to justify whether your ex-spouse deserves alimony or not. Once you hire us, our investigators will seek to know the lifestyle and daily expenditures of the person claiming alimony. We shall also determine how much the ex-spouse earns in a month and seek to know how much they are suffering due to the withdrawal of support from the spouse. Likewise, we’ll establish how alimony is used. 

Armed with this information, we will easily come up with a fair figure that should be paid for alimony. If no alimony is necessary, our alimony investigator in Houston will provide the evidence your lawyer needs to appeal for alimony reduction or termination in court. If you are seeking alimony, we also have something for you. Our investigators will check your ex-spouse’s financial status and identify and highlight all points that will give your divorce attorney an easy time when pointing out the need for alimony.

Top Alimony Investigators in Houston

Experience and insight have no alternatives when conducting Alimony investigations in Houston. Bond Investigations detectives are true experts in every facet of investigation. With long industry experience and real-world exposure, you can count on them to provide information. It will assist your attorney to file for a reduction or termination of alimony. Our detectives are highly trained to handle alimony issues discreetly and professionally. No matter how hard-pressed you are, you can rest assured we’ll take up your case and pursue a favorable outcome.

Need Alimony Reduced or Terminated- Obtain Proof of Co-habitation

Alimony payments can be reduced or terminated on the grounds of cohabitation. If you suspect that your ex-partner of the former spouse is living with someone else, give us a call right away so that we can start investigations. Our private detectives can assist you to ascertain your suspicion. After that you can petition the court to revoke or reduce alimony.

Our alimony investigation in Houston can yield vital information concerning the subject:

  • Establishment of a common residence
  • shared financial accounts
  • long-term intimate involvement to prove cohabitation
  • Compilation of a lifestyle profile of the ex-spouse
  • Employment status of the subject

Why Hire Us for Alimony Investigations in Houston

While there are many detectives offering alimony investigations in Houston, Bond Investigations is the most reputable when it comes to the quality of services offered. We’ve successfully worked with numerous law firms and individuals seeking information that will guarantee them a favorable ruling in Houston Courts. With a high success rate and seasoned detectives, we can undertake an alimony investigation in Houston and obtain critical information and evidence quickly and professionally.

Need Assistance with Alimony Investigations Houston?

Call (713) 955-5588  to schedule a FREE initial consultation or speak to one of our private investigators in Houston. We are ready to discuss your case and provide you with compelling evidence that will guarantee you a reduction or revocation of alimony.

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